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Antser is designed to be the first true business-to-business network.
Creating a network of people or businesses only makes sense if there is something to share.
A business-to-business network can only add value if companies can use it to share what binds them together, their common goal.

With Antser you can share your common processes in a flexible way. These processes can span multiple companies and departments.

Connecting people and businesses worldwide via process sharing in the cloud is what makes Antser the first true business-to-business network.


There are many tools that help businesses communicate but often they are too complex or they lack features to make a true B2B network.
Antser is different. The platform is open, secure, flexible and easy to use.

We believe that people should be able to do more with less effort.
And everything follows from that.

Antser works according to 3 simple principles.


need to know

Antser can notify your network of events in a process. You can set up these events so that people only get notified when they need to. Users are in control of their own notification settings.

know to find

Help your network to find what they need without effort using any known reference or keyword.

manage by exception

You can set up tasks and alerts to follow up on process flows and track performance. Alerts tell people exactly what they need to do and by when it needs to be done. No alerts means no problems!


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Antser is a spin-off of a platform that was created for managing complex supply chains.
It was originally developed at Shipex, a container forwarding company. The success of this system inspired us to create Antser.
Although the Shipex-system was developed specifically for logistics, the basic principles it uses are universal.
With Antser we can apply these principles to any business domain.

forwarding company


International container transport involves long and complex process chains with delicate timing issues that are typically hard to control. A single shipment can easily involve a dozen people or companies each with their specific documentation needs and communication requirements. The basic principles of Antser are used to support the Shipex business network and control complex information flows.

Major player
in the global food market

Greenyard NV

The Greenyard Foods group - is a major player in the global food market. Their activities revolve around growing and redistributing fruit and vegetables on a worldwide scale. The group has many divisions that vary in both size and complexity. Most of them operate very independently and use different software solutions. The Antser platform is used to centralize documentation and track global logistical operations and quality feedback.


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